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$ong'N Picture

$ong'N Picture

Vous aimez la musique qui va du pop au rock et encore plus loin.. Ou les photos... Alors venez voir, ici!!

Change of scenery (song)

Publié le 21 Septembre 2013, 20:17pm

Catégories : #Change of scenery, #Song, #Riptide, #Vance Joy

Change of scenery:

You are my girl, like,

The corridor in the house,

You are shinning my heart,

I will never give u to someone,

'cause you are my girl.

I will take u in my arm so long if i can,

I would like that our time,

Didn't flow so quickly as the water,

Which are flow so quickly in the nature.

I will keep u looked in my heart,

For a long time,

But isn't possible,

'cause u are an lioness,

U can't stay somewhere for a long time.

U can't stay in my heart for ever,

U can't tolerate stay in the same place,

U must spring form heart to heart

Like an monkey spring from tree to tree

U must change of scenery

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