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$ong'N Picture

$ong'N Picture

Vous aimez la musique qui va du pop au rock et encore plus loin.. Ou les photos... Alors venez voir, ici!!


Publié le 7 Mai 2013, 06:34am

Catégories : #Love; Martin Luther King; Different


Cela fait fort longtemps que je ne vous ai plus parler... et maintenant je reviens en FORCE, voila un texte qui est là sous-forme d'une chanson... Si vous avez une idée comment la chanter ou une mélodie à me donner, bref quelque chose que je pourrai faire avec dites le moi!!


I dream a beautiful story,

But a beautiful story,

Is it not relative?

Everybody lives in a wonderful story,

But differently.

Everybody have the law to love,

Likewise if one person loves a person from his same sexes,

Or from differently six with 10 years more,

There must be only force to accept loving.

It's someone difficult, but it's a way of loving,

When we can't accept loving,

The problem is that... we are so afraid to the reaction of the person.

Having a lover or a mistress,

It's sometimes differently, better or new.

But are not all things better when it's new?

At the end, we become wearily!

For person who are researching new things in her life,

Make something differently, and it changes all.

Something new with your husbands

When you dream from a travelling, a romantic travelling...

Make it!

Realize your dream so Martin Luther King "I have a dream"

Taht is the thing, you must make in your life!

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